Narrative Design

Nebulous Beginnings

To create a narrative focused on a natural occurrence I decided to focus on the life of stars; how they are formed to how they die. With this concept, I wanted to show the tremendous length of time that it actually took for stars to go through each life stage. To show this I designed a book that folded out like an accordion. The timeline was broken up into four different books for four different life stages. Each book was made to be cut out and attached to one another in order to really see the entire lifeline of a star. 

An app concept that gives a more immersive experience. 

Click individual images to view them larger.

This is the layout at the front of every book that shows/explains how to use the book. It also included a key to define what the symbols mean throughout the books. 

These images show how the pages are folded to create an "accordion" shape. This allows you to cut the pages out of the book and connect them together to form an elongated timeline.

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