Cat's Cradle

Book Cover Redesign

The Cat’s Cradle written by Kurt Vonnegut is a story about nuclear bombs and chaos. In order to redesign a book cover for this story I wanted to re-create the chaos and confusions that occur throughout the story. To create this book cover I printed out the words ‘cat’s cradle’ and then cut out each letter individually. I then took a shoe box and sewed the letters into the shoe box in order to create a sort of shadow box. I felt the strings criss crossing and overlapping represents the different layers and confusion to the story. 

Book Cover Redesign

Martian Chronicles

In the book The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury, the story explores the true meaning of life and how much it actually means. For my concept I wanted to give the reader a sense of depth with this typographic book cover. To achieve this feel I used graphic elements and a thin, high tracked typeface.

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